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Step 4:
Sit back, watch your credit scores increase, regain financial control and reflect on the times when you used to have bad credit.  

How the process works

Credit Repair

Step 2:
Once we've confirmed which package best suits your needs, we'll e-mail you

an invoice for deposit of first works/set

up fee. You'll also sign your agreement and forward it back to us.

Your debt should to be verified before it's placed on your credit report ​but most often that's not what happens. About 80%

of all credit reports contain incorrect data. The credit bureaus are for profit organizations therefore, they count on consumers 

to neglect these errors on their credit reports since they make money from these mistakes. It's perfectly legal for you to challenge the bureaus data and ask for deletions. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) the credit bureaus must remove all inaccurate, erroneous or outdated information from your credit report even if the debt is yours. We use customized dispute

letters that force them to do so.  To qualify for low interest rates you need a credit score of 740 or more. Credit scores of 620 and below are considered to be sub-prime, risky and are often denied loans. Those with scores from 620-700 may be able to obtain loans but at a much higher interest rateWe have 3 affordable credit repair options that are based on the severity of your credit. We also offer a Do-It-Yourself option that will provide your with all the tools needed to repair your own credit. The DIY package includes 12 dispute letters, bonus letters and 30 minute phone consult. Payments are a simple one-time fee with no additional monthly costs. If you're ready to rebuild your credit scores, we're ready to work for you.  Contact us immediately.


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Step 3:
We will begin working on your disputes right away to get them mailed out to you. Within 30-45 days you should receive a response from the credit bureaus. You'll forward all responses to us immediately for our review and be informed on our next course of action.

Step 1:
Click (here) to pull your 3-in-1 credit report contain your scores from the

3 credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. One of our consultants will perform a thorough review your  reports to determine what items are a cause for concern. We will discuss your goals as well as our packages & pricing.