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Q & D Income Tax 

Let's face it, taxes are puzzling. If you prepare your own taxes chances are you've encountered a question that you didn't fully understand causing you to overlook a small detail, tax credit or deduction. If you're using the "accountant in a box" tax software you may be missing out. There's really no substitute for an experienced tax professional's help. The staff at Q & D Income Tax and Multiservices LLC are trusted income professionals authorized by the IRS to process electronic returns.

Our goal at Q & D Income Tax and Multiservices LLC is to provide outstanding service while building valuable, long-term relationships with our clients. Our services are offered all year long and we]'re readily available to assist you no matter what state.  We truly understand that your success is our success and we're so confident in what we do that we offer a money back guarantee should you feel we were unable to produce positive results.